Terms of Use


Knei (legally Knei LLP) is a company that develops and provides for use a web application for managing personal contacts. This is a Terms of Use (also referred as Terms of Service) agreement that outlines different aspects of company’s product usage.

  • App (or Knei App) — Knei web application located at https://app.knei.space
  • Company (or Knei Company) — legal entity associated with development and gaining profit from delivering the Knei App to Users.
  • Subscription — paid access to the Knei App’s extended set of features provided on the regular subscription basis
  • User — any person who signed in the Knei App or submitted Personal Data via Website.
  • Website — home page of the Knei Company website located at https://knei.space

Unacceptable usage

Following contains the list of activities that cannot take place in connection with the Knei App or other Company entities.

  • Transfer account access to another person, free or for money.
  • Use the App to plan and implement the social activities which can be disturbing or unpleasant to another person, App User or not.
  • Share the sensitive contact data which is not publicly accessible otherwise without an approval from data owner.
  • Any intentional actions aimed at bringing the Knei Company’s Website, App or other assets out of balance leading to the regular operations failure.

In presence of evidence that any of these cases took place Knei team would perform the internal investigation. It might lead to a temporary or permanent account termination without refund.

If a damage dealt to Knei Company in terms of brand reputation, services (App, Website and others) operability and corresponding expenses is significant, it can become a cause of legal action towards the person or business accountable.

Please, be thoughtful and careful about things your use the Knei App for.

Service level

Knei Company’s App on it’s early stages as a product. Knei team trusts it’s service providers with a proven record of stable operation. Nevertheless, bugs or access issues may occur. You are welcome to address them at team@knei.space and we will be onto resolving this.

For scenarios when emerged issues influenced the operation of premium (paid) functionality of the App User is able to apply for recalculation of subscription period based on the time which they weren’t able to access these features.

Subscription and payments

Company offers a paid subscription plan with an access to the App extended functionality (effective from the moment of implementation). Conditions are relevant according to the “Plans” page within the Knei App.

Payment methods and schedule

User’s can pay for Subscription with a card, PayPal and similar methods available at the checkout page within the App.

Payment is charged at the end of the paid Subscription period on a monthly plan cost basis.

Payment methods and schedule

Subscription can be cancelled from within the App’s settings or by contacting Knei team at team@knei.space.

On the subscription termination event funds corresponding to the remaining subscription period are not returned.

Please, be aware that Subscription cost is not refundable by default if the App is up and ready to be operated till the end of Subscription period.

Legal entity

Knei Company operates under Kazakhstan state jurisdiction. It is incorporated as a legal entity under name Knei LLP (ТОО “Кнай” — Kazakh/Russian). Address: Astana, Kenesary st., 8


If you have any concerns, questions or feedback regarding these Terms don’t hesitate to contact us at team@knei.space.

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