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Interpersonal connections make your life special and fill it with fortunate moments.

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Space to think about your relations

Knei app (interpersonal relations tool) interface illustration. At the left there is a woman smiling with laptop, at the right -- connections list look from the Knei app.

Knei is an app to build relationships with family, friends, and other people in your life.
It helps to review your interpersonal relations and take steps to connect with them.

How Knei can make your life better?

Family sticker

Foster relationships with family

The closest people have a special place in your heart. Improve their lives by thoughtful gestures.

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Keep in touch with friends

Don't have time for friends? Knei helps you allocate time and find the right activities for every person.

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Build connections with peers

Classmates, colleagues, community members — people you share an experience with. Develop these interpersonal relations to cooperate smoother.

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Manage your network

Life-changing opportunities emerge when one doesn't expect them. Notice updates in the personal network and benefit from the strength of weak ties.

Knei features that help to build relationships

Make talk notes

Build up a history of social interactions with people. Observe your relationship's development in timeline.
How? Make notes about particular talks. Type or transcribe audio in one click.

Illustration of lady delivering message and new talk note element screenshot of Knei, interpersonal connections app.

Reach out in time

Stay updated on the activities of your contacts. Do not miss important changes in the person's life.
How? Knei app can send reminders of the recommended talks and media updates.

Illustration with girl and phone along with relationship digest screenshot from Knei, interpersonal connections app.

Pick conversation topics

Come up with reasons to talk in a person-specific way.
How? Check the person's social media and the news based on their interests on a single page.

Illustration and screenshot of the person's page from Knei, interpersonal connections app.

Personal CRM could be a quick-burning fad, or it could be a conversation we keep having until everyone’s using it and we have to stop pretending it’s so strange.

Kaitlyn Tiffany, The Atlantic

Social media recommend content for you. They make money out of your time.
Knei recommends keeping in touch with your friends. You make lasting relationships.

Semyon Fast, Knei founder

Life is long enough to know any person from different sides. And short enough to lose touch with people you are interested in.

Knei team

Global communications gave people connections and space. Now we are going to learn how to combine these ingredients optimally to improve our lives.

Knei team

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