Knei FAQ

What is Knei product, exactly?


Knei is a web application for keeping personal connections. Knei app is in the process of development, updates are coming regularly. We are happy to invite you to try the current version.

What’s the deal with “managing and improving connections”?


Let’s say you’ve met some people in your life. Family, friends, classmates, co-workers and others. It would be nice to stay in touch: ask their news, tell yours, maybe help each other. Unfortunately, your time is finite and every person requires a particular amount of attention. When some need a 5-minute chat every day, some are fine with an update once a year to go different ways again. So, keeping in touch without leaving behind too many people might be tricky.

Alright, how Knei helps to improve relationships with people?


Knei helps to track the status of your connections. When you reached out to the person last time, what you talked about. Then, Knei reminds you once it’s a good moment to connect again and may suggest a conversation topic. You define how you would like your relationships to be. Knei helps you build it gradually and remember important things.

Knei is some kind of social platform, right?


Not really, there is no posting, no messaging. Knei is rather a personal CRM. We believe that thoughtful all-around relationships shouldn’t depend on particular media (but can be empowered with). So, we don’t aim at becoming a communication platform.
Although we are open-minded about different ideas. Knei’s focus is to help you build personal connections, in the best way technology offers.

How much does Knei cost?


Knei is supported by users’ subscriptions.
We have a free plan ("Free") with default features and a paid plan ("Basic") with extended functionality to maintain a lot of connections smoother. Basic plan price is $8 per month. Plans conditions and functionality might change as we keep introducing new features. But be sure that subscribing to Knei you always get what you see.
You can read more information about plans within the Knei app, no card information required.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?


That’s great. Our team is online at We are happy to know your story, suggestions and any questions. Let’s stay in touch!

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