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Illustration for mere-exposure effect article: two people look at smartphone with other people photos.

Mere exposure effect

Mere exposure effect refers to a preference increase due to repeated exposures. Simply put, the more often a person sees an object, the more likely they are to prefer it over alternatives. We review the key study of the mere exposure effect and come up with some interpersonal relations applications.

Updated 07.08.24
Illustration of the propinquity effect: two people talking in front of building.

Propinquity effect

In this article, we cover the propinquity effect. According to it, individuals tend to form closer relationships with people they repeatedly meet.

Updated 06.24.24
Infographics prepared by Knei company with four useful theories of interpersonal relations.

Infographic: interpersonal relations theories

We prepared an infographic with helpful relations theories you can apply in building your relationships. This edition features: uncertainty reduction theory, theory of interpersonal relations (H. Peplau), social penetration theory, expectancy violations theory.

Updated 06.01.24
Illustration of uncertainty reduction theory article. Two people look at each other with interest.

First steps of relationship: uncertainty reduction theory

This episode, we describe how people feel the need to engage in conversations. One of the models to describe that is uncertainty reduction theory. There is a review of useful concepts that can help in building your personal relationships.

Updated 05.19.24
Photo of Hildegaard Peplau

Hildegaard Peplau's theory of interpersonal relations

In this edition, we review Hildegaard Peplau's theory of interpersonal relations. It was created in 1952 and became a leading practice of psychiatric nursing. We talk about the main aspects and find similarities with regular personal relationships.

Updated 02.11.24
Text on white background: "Keep in touch: intro"

Keep in touch guide

A basic guide on how to stay in touch and build relationships with people in your life. Develop long-term connections with family, friends, mates, acquaintances and others. Contains a series of fundamental activities to keep in touch with a person. Updated regularly by the Knei team.

Updated 01.26.24
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